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Growing in Faith Together

Are you asking hard questions about your faith and wanting to know more about the Bible? Join us for Sunday School for all ages beginning Sept 15th at 9:30. Two adult classes to choose from, plus children’s and teen classes. Nursery is provided. Call the church for more info: 309-742-2631.

First Presbyterian Church of Elmwood, Illinois, is a Christ-focused community of faith.

Since 1856 our church has brought spiritual, emotional and tangible support to the people in the vicinity of Elmwood. As the building has undergone transitions over the years, so has the congregation and its ministry. As we approach a new phase with a new building adjacent to the historic location and new ministries in that building we invite the people of our community to join us in participation of our purpose statement: A Joyful Community: Loving, Laughing and Learning with Christ.

We are seekers of faith on a journey while pursuing eternal salvation. With the Bible as our map, Jesus Christ as our Guide and our leaders as our examples we invite others to join us.